Our Implant Solutions in Charlottesville, VA

Restore Any Number of Missing Teeth

If you suffer from tooth loss, you’re not alone. According to recent studies, 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. If you’re missing teeth, we offer solutions that will not only make your smile beautiful, but also restore full function and help protect your oral health. Thanks to dental implants, we can replace any number of missing teeth and help you smile with confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is designed to take the place of a missing tooth’s root, where it serves as a foundation for attaching a replacement tooth or set of teeth. Implants are versatile and can be used to attach a single tooth replacement, a multi-tooth bridge, or a full-arch denture.

Since they’re attached directly to the jawbone, dental implants offer many benefits that no other tooth replacement option can match. They look and feel like natural teeth, and are easily cleaned with regular brushing and flossing. They also help stimulate bone growth, keeping your jawbone strong and healthy.

Why Would I Need Dental Implants?

Anyone who is missing one or more permanent teeth may be a candidate for dental implants. Implants are also a great option if you need to have a tooth pulled, eliminating the need for a bridge. In fact, we can sometimes place your dental implant right after tooth extraction. If you’re missing all of your natural teeth, implants can also be used to secure a full-arch denture in place so there’s no risk of the restoration slipping while you’re speaking and eating.

Our Dental Implant Solutions

No matter how many teeth you’re missing, we offer an implant-supported restoration to fit your needs. Your options include:

  • Single Tooth – If you’re only missing one tooth, Dr. Akeel can replace it with a single dental implant and use it to secure a customized porcelain crown.
  • Multiple Teeth – If several adjacent teeth are missing, Dr. Akeel can design a multi-tooth bridge just for you and attach it to one or more dental implants.
  • Same Day Mini Implants — Due to their smaller size, mini implants allow more patients to qualify for the procedure and can be placed in one appointment.
  • All-on-4 ImplantsAll-on-4 is a convenient way to restore a full arch of teeth, allowing Dr. Akeel to secure a complete denture with just four implants.
  • Fixed Dentures Over Implants — If you’re tired of your traditional dentures, Dr. Akeel may be able to anchor them with implants and provide you with a more stable solution.

Discover the Right Tooth Loss Solution For You

middle-aged woman smiling outdoors Dental implants offer many unique advantages that you’ll notice every day of your life. We know how beneficial dental implants can be for our patients and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Call our Charlottesville practice at (434) 975-6181 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Akeel today. It’s the first step on your journey to a brand-new, radiant smile.

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