Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants have benefits that will last throughout a patient’s lifetime. With such life-changing potential, a procedure of this magnitude is not something to undertake with minimal information. Patients who ask questions will be better prepared for their dental implant placement.

If you’re missing teeth you’ll likely have a lot of questions about your dental implants surgery. The following questions are among the most common inquiries that patients have before committing to their dental implants procedure. If you don’t see your dental implant question here, feel free to call or email the knowledgeable staff at Dentistry By Design for additional information.

How long is the dental implant process?

The process depends on several factors but is typically complete in about six months. The main contributing factors are your body’s ability to heal, how quickly your gums fuse to the titanium post, and if you’ll require any supplemental procedures prior to the implant surgery.

For a more accurate time frame, we suggest contacting our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Akeel by calling (434) 975-6181. During the appointment, he’ll examine your oral health and create a customized treatment plan that will include the duration of the treatment.

What does osseointegration have to do with implants?

Osseointegration is the process of fusing titanium to the bone which is the foundation for dental implants. During the initial surgery, a titanium implant is drilled into the jawbone and osseointegration occurs during the healing process as the fixture fuses with your jawbone.

Can my child get dental implants?

The key factor determining if your kids can get dental implants is whether they’ve stopped growing. This is important because dental implants are drilled directly into the jawbone, so it’s critical that the jaw isn’t continuing to change. 

While most adolescence stop growing at some point in their teens, you’ll want to ask Dr. Akeel to know for certain when they’ll be eligible for dental implants.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

At Dentistry By Design, we understand the importance of insurance coverage. We’ll help you file and track your claims, and do all we can to ensure you’re maximizing your insurance benefits.

Every insurance company is different, we recommend checking with your provider prior to your appointment for specific details about your coverage. If there are any questions we can answer, don’t hesitate to call our office at (434) 975-6181 and a helpful team member will be happy to assist you.

Are dental implants an elective procedure?

Dental implants are typically classified as a cosmetic or elective procedure. While many insurance companies may cover a portion of the expenses, very few will cover the complete cost of dental implants. 

Your medical plan may have supplemental coverage that includes dental implants. We recommend calling your insurance provider to find out if dental implants are covered and to what extent.

If I have tooth decay can I still get dental implants?

Yes, but your dental issues will have to be fixed first. Dr. Akeel will recommend any supplemental treatments during your initial consultation. Prior to the implant procedure, Dr. Akeel will address any issues with your gums and teeth to set your implants up for success. 

Is it painful to get dental implants?

At Smiles By Design, we take every measure to ensure that you’re comfortable during the dental implants procedure. The only time you may feel soreness is after the procedure is complete and the anesthesia has worn off. Any discomfort can be managed by applying a cold compress and taking pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.

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